About Us

Simply Home Entertainment is a leading high-end home theatre, home automation and design firm based in Beverly Hills. Simply Home works on some of the largest projects in Southern California as well as national and international locations. Founders Christopher Hansen and Timothy Duffy deliver personalized service for every electronic need in homes ranging from 1000 square feet to living complexes larger than 200,000 square feet. Simply Home Entertainment specializes in D-Cinema installations in large home theatres that allow for first run movies to be played in the luxury of your own media room.


In 1976 a young - golden ear - entrepreneur by the name of Christopher Hansen opened the doors of his Beverly Hills based boutique poised to deliver unparalleled music systems to all Los Angeles music lovers. As the clientele grew and changed, he set out to find new solutions to simplify their growing needs while addressing their desires to make these needs invisible. Christopher eventually met and partnered with Timothy Duffy - a technology wizard - transforming their visions into Simply Home Entertainment.