Design Philosophy

At Simply Home Entertainment we enrich the lives of homeowners with unparalleled yet invisible smart-home integration. Every project being simplified to the client's unique lifestyle.

In today's world your home has to be smart yet simple. Homes today feature everything from gourmet kitchens and wine cellars that rival the finest restaurants. Work-out and spa facilities as advanced as the best health club. Water features including fountains and rare fish ponds that rival those of Las Vegas - home theatres that surpass the best commercial cinemas in Hollywood - movie and music streaming throughout your living world. Computer / telephone / intercom / networking throughout your living complex. Lighting and window treatment control to create the perfect environment. Control of everything in your home to maximize your home's energy efficiency. Control your home's temperature and humidity for the perfect climate as well as your pool / spa / water-feature and security by 'one touch' from any location.

The most important concept is -simplicity - an automated home that is too complicated to operate is not really a 'smart home'. Designing a truly 'smart home' characterizes our commitment to deliver unparalleled results time and time again.